When I was young we lived with my paternal grandparents in South Africa. Being the youngest of all the grandchildren at the time, I was always by their side.  It was a custom that whenever they would meet family or friends, they would put their hands together and say "namaste".  I asked my grandfather the meaning of"namaste", for English was the only language I knew.  He told me it means "I acknowledge the divine in you" in Sanskrit.

From the moment this profound message was given to me, it has become the guiding force throughout my adventure.


I believe we are all part of a divine source, whatever name we have chosen to call it based on our cultural custom or religious belief.  When we truly recognise and acknowledge our divinity within it transforms our existence.  Only then we have access to the power to create true joy, instill peace and experience love in our life.

My name is Youmashni Naidoo. I am of Indian decent from South Africa.  Due to the apartheid political system in South Africa my family immigrated to Canada in 1982 in search of a better life.  Even though Canada provided a better environment to live in, it was a culture shock and not an easy transition.

Being different created a sence of no belonging and a deep feeling of being lost.


Through my experience I have learned how to love and respect myself and to embrace my own unique beauty, both internal and external.


Most important of all,  I have been able to develop an understanding that true love, joy and peace comes from within you and only you.

Though I am officially trained and certified as a Life Coach, I prefer the title of Soul Coach.  The term Soul Coach doesn't only illustrate the level of connection shared between the both parties engaged in a session, it also reflects deeply the philosophy I apply to both my life and my work.


It is a common misconception that a Life Coach is someone to call upon only when

help is needed in overcoming a traumatic experience, restoring the order in one's life, or assisting in setting goals and attaining material things.  This interpretation of Life Coaching is based solely on a single directional concept where one party is providing help needed while the other is simply receiving.


Soul Coaching is about living from the inside out.  It embraces the divine power within you and moves beyond victim based healing.  Soul Coaching is not about "fixing", for in truth, no one needs "fixing"

for we are all whole and healthy, we are simply misaligned from our divinity within.  It's for anyone who wants to enrich their living experience. How I assist and guide you is by holding a safe space for you to reconnect with the highest state of yourself.  When we honour and accept all of who we are, and everyone and everything in its right order, we are able to accept and listen to ourselves honestly and completely.  Self-acceptance changes everything.


It all starts with you.

There is a Sanskrit saying which translates to: "feed yourself first, your family second, your community third and the world last, if you do this, you will never be a victim or a martyr."


In this saying 'feeding' means nurturing. How you nurture your soul is by understanding who

you are.  Only when you take the time to look at yourself in a non-judgmental way, that you are able to live the life you are meant to.


Nurturing your soul is truly listening to your divinity within without an ego. When we look at 'how am I feeling?'

'why am I feeling this way?', and 'how are my feelings affecting my behaviour?' we are able to understand ourselves on a deeper level and take responsibility for our lives rather than being a victim or a martyr.


You have the power, embrace it.

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Life purpose is no longer a quest, it is within you, it is who you are, it is the here and now rather than it being a goal.

Family gives you insight into who you are. With a guided and unclouded view of your family constellations, you will begin to develop an understanding on how it influences your patterns of behaviour and see all family members with love, compassion and a deeper sense of understanding of their purpose in your life.


Relationships change as you evolve. When you accept, love and respect yourself you stop trying to control or project your expectations on others, that's when real relationships begin.

A career should never be just a means of making a living but at the same time, it should not be the end all and be all of your existence. From true self understanding, you will find the job which is fulfilling on every level that will fundamentally transform your everyday life.  A career is no longer just a job.

Spirituality is not about judgement, punishment, nor right and wrong. It is about recognising and appreciating the beauty and perfectness of every present moment. True spirituality is a freeing experience that enhances your soul's evolutionary growth instead of being a rigid and binding system that hinders and restricts your soul's true capability.  You are a perfect spirit, stop becoming and just be.

When you embrace your divinity within everything else falls into place. Your life is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. This is simply a matter of perspective.

$75.00 per hour

Soul Coaching Sessions can be carried out in person or through the phone.  One on One Sessions are about self-discovery and the soul's evolutionary growth.  For details on the range of areas the one on one sessions covers, please see the "My Services " section.

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$125.00 per hour

Couples Soul Coaching Sessions are carried out in person.  These sessions are for couples to enhance their level of communications through honestly, openess, trust and understanding under careful guidance throughout the session.  See "My Services > The Power of You > Inside Out Living" section for more detail.

$50.00 / 2 hours Workshop

These are "no books & pens" workshops, where all distractions are eliminated.  Efforts are focused on discovering the message from your divine intelligence through true listening.  Being in a group environments and sharing experience proves to be a powerful foundation for the healing to effectively take place.